flashing lights

this is my flahing lights project. it took ages to finsh partly because i did it then my teacher asked me to do it again. I got a score 8.5 and that is the second highest score i have got. out of this subject. the 2 compasitors are 47fs but if I change them i can make it slower and faster.

steady hand game



This is my steady hand game. I think that I went great on it. I did need some help at some points but other than that I did great. When I finished it I put the battery in and it worked and the shape was great. It did take me a while to cut out but I did it. What I didn`t like about it was to wire looked. No matter how much I tried to fix it, it looked bad. Other than that it went good. I can improve on my soldering and my cutting because they both didn`t work as good as I hoped it to. It could have beig so much better if I took a tiny bit more time on the soldering.







Well my holidays were boring. I did nothing fun. The only good thing i did in the holidays was  play my drums. I lernt about 3 new songs and on gutair I lernt 1. They were bothfrom my favourte band they were there new songs. Oh the other thing I did was go to melbourn. It was prity boring and we took witch was a very big mestake. I also nealy fixed our go kart and let me tell you it was the best go kart ever. I also got a new game  and i finished it in about 2 day and I got so bored with multie player in about 5 minurets. so that was my holidays.

report 2

well as I said before I was super happy with my report. But some things I wasn`t happy with was my pe. I got all mediums and it totaly sucked.When I went to pearent teacher interview I asked and he said I need to work harder. and same with art. So now i just move away from the people that destract me. so that is what I did not like about my report but other wise I loved my report. Infact I did so good I didn`t get one low. So all my teachers like me. when I showed my pearents my report they realy liked it and I maen liked it.

Well I  know I want to improve so i think i should work on my spelling. All my teachers told me I need to work on my spelling. Also I got told that I need to go back over my work and reread and if i don`t i will keep stuffing the peaces up. But then again i do want all highs. That is my goal. to get all highs in my report. I might never happen but still i can try.

my report

I am super happy about my report. I passed every thing and insome classes I go year 8 levle. Food was the only one I got year seven and I don`t like that but other than that my report was ok. P.E was pritty hard But I still passed it so it was fine. Maths, Ilern, Einglish and sose was all good to and I passed it all. I did not fale any thing.

The holidays

My holidays. Well this is hard to explain. It was fun and boring and good all at difrent times. I gess I will start at the start. The first thing that we did was after the day finished. So I finished school and walked down the street to a shop. Found my mum and went from there. We went to about 5 diffrent places. then we went where I wanted. To a music place where  they sell any thing to do with music. We stayed there for about half an hour and I boght heaps of stuff for my drum kit. Then the next day I came back and boght more. BY the time I was finishd  my drum kit was the best.

That was realy the best thing that i did in my holidays.


A tableaux is a frosen imige that you pose you self and exaggeration is when you might fall off a chair and get a tiny little scratch but it doen`t herut and you start crying and htinking that it herts very bad when it dosn`t. The four thing that actors can exagerat are voice, jester, movment and facle expreions.The jingle was it is a set its a chair it is a chair set. I exagerated when I fell off the chair.